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This is the official site of the South East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE). SEAADE was formed in 1990 at the Singapore meeting of the 78th FDI World Dental Congress. It grew out of the need for improved communication between dental institutions in the South East Asia region. Here you will the latest news and updates, as well as upcoming events.

Council Members


Chun Hung Chu (Hong Kong)


James Hon Kit Tsoi (Hong Kong)

Honorary Treasurer

Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan (Malaysia)


Sri Angky Soekanto (Indonesia)
Ngo Thi Quynh Lan (Vietnam)
Allan Pau Kah Heng (Malaysia)
Stephen Chin-Ying Hsu (Singapore)
Arturo P. de Leon (Philippine)
Eddie Hsiang-Hua Lai (Taiwan)


Passiri Nisalak (Thailand)

Immediate Past President

Allen Ming-Lun Hsu (Taiwan)

History of SEAADE

The idea of forming an association of dental educators in the South East Asian Region arose from the need to improve communication between the various dental institutions. During the IADR (South East Asian Division) meetings in the late eighties this idea was discussed and accepted. The delegates who attended these meetings then, proposed that an association be set up to further develop the close relationship of the member countries in the education field. This will provide a more formal platform in which problems of dental education and research could be discussed.

The South East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE) was formed in 1990 at the Singapore meeting of the 78th FDI World Dental Congress. The early proponents of this organization included Stephen H Y Wei, Eli Schwarz, Teo Choo Soo, Loh Hong Sai, Prathip Phantumvanit, Reuben C Navia, Keng Siong Beng, Esmonde Corbett, Aurelio B Ramos, Herwati Djoharnas and Shau Yuh Yuan. The first council was formed in Singapore in 1990 with Prof Loh Hong Sai as the first President and Keng Siong Beng as the Hon Secretary. The Constitution was then set up the following year and with it the preparation of the First Edition of the Directory of Dental Schools and Research.

The organization gathered strength with more members and dental schools in the region joining in. The Blue SEAADE logo with the ring surrounding the letters was designed by S B Keng and used to represent the Close circular bond  among the association dental schools. Since its inception, its main sponsor KaVo Asia Pte Ltd has supported the association.

SEAADE is affiliated to IFDEA (International Federation of Dental Educators Association). The Directory of Dental Schools and Research (fourth edition ) was published in 1999 in time for the 10th Annual Scientific meeting to be held in Singapore from the 27 to 29 in September 1999.

Subsequent Annual meetings were held back to back with meetings of the IADR (SEA Division). Since its beginning in Singapore, annual meetings have been held in, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Pataya, Manila, Jakarta, Phuket Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Koh Samui, Malacca, Jakarta, Bali ,Manila, Chiang Mai, Taipei.

Presently the association is represented by the major dental schools in the South East Asian Region including the dental schools in Taiwan and India.

In 2005 it embarked on its first SEAADE Peer Review and Visitation led by then President Toh Choo Gait to Centro Escolar University, Philippines. Subsequent visits were conducted in University of Indonesia, University Sains Malaysia ( USM)  and Mahidol University Thailand in 2007.

Year 2006 was also significant as the First SEAADE - GC sponsored student competition in Preventive Dentistry was inaugurated with the meeting in Jarkata. The keenness of the competition was reflected in the many participants from the dental schools. The standard of presentation was high and Dental Schools soon earmarked this as a highlight of student research activity. The GC Asia Dental has continued to support this very worthwhile event.

The Deans meeting and Forum has taken on new impetus with regular topics of discussion being held at the Annual meetings. Several educational workshops have also been held.

In 2011 a new program was instituted between SEADE and Colgate, The Dental Leadership Experience Program DLEP. The first meeting for Deans and Heads of institution was held at the 22nd Annual Meeting in Singapore on  28th October  at the NUS Faculty of Dentistry.The Association is currently lead by Prof Leung Wai Keung from Hong Kong.

Report by S B Keng

Past Presidents


Loh Hong Sai


Stephen H Y Wei
(Hong Kong)


Prathip Phantumvanit


Eli Schwarz
(Hong Kong)


Teo Choo Soo


Toh Chooi Gait


Krassanai Wangrangsimakul


Keng Siong Beng


Rahimah Abdul Kadir


Afi Sarsito


Leung Wai Keung
(Hong Kong)
2012 - 2014
Arturo P. de Leon
2014 - 2016
Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan (Malaysia)


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